Our state-of-the-art bidding platform and super-fast ad-serving technology. Your brand.

White Label Ad Server (WADS) offers a custom branded, real-time optimizing, bidding platform that is engineered to maximize the value of online advertising inventory.




WADS makes money!

With WADS there is no need to guess what your inventory is worth and no need to continue underselling. Now your advertisers are able to engage with your inventory in real time, funding and bidding against one another for your most prized clickthroughs. And with less advertiser and inventory management you have time freed to generate more traffic for your site or network.

WADS is fast

And we mean fast. Based on the latest and greatest open-source technologies and engineered from the ground up for speed, accuracy and dependability – you can be confident that our ad serving speeds are among the best in the business!


WADS is smart

WADS is a pay-per-click platform that balances not only the highest bidders but also the overall performance of their campaigns. We have created algorithms to ensure that the best performing creatives are utilized so you earn the highest value for each ad display you generate for your advertisers. This balance between click bid and eCPM is a valuable consideration for any site owner running display ads.


WADS is easy to set up and easy to use

WADS is a SaaS solution so that our customers can be up and running in very little time and in most cases with no upfront investment – and no hardware or software to maintain.

As a White Label Ad Server owner you can manage advertisers and publishers from an intuitive interface that can be customized to your business, your brand, and your domain.

Administrators and publishers are able to generate ad codes for banners, text ads, popunders, and any other ad type you wish to support that can be implemented and serving within minutes.

Advertisers can use the self-service Campaign Builder to create and manage their campaigns.

Statistics are collected and displayed in real-time so you, your publishers, and advertisers can stay informed and react in real-time to traffic and campaign changes. In addition, as the owner of a White Label Ad Server you will be able to view actions taken by any publisher or advertiser in your system so you can better serve their needs.


WADS is highly customizable.

Your needs may call for domain level targeting, channel specific delivery, or a blind network implementation. Create publisher specific payout percentages, bid minimums, and even limit what type of targeting is available to individual publishers within the same network. Serve ads based on hard-coded keywords or feed keywords in on the fly as users search your website. If you can dream it up WADS can do it!

WADS is yours!

Our state-of-the-art bidding platform and super-fast ad-serving technology. Your brand.

Let’s do business together.



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